Constitution of the Reston Runners


The name of the association shall be "Reston Runners, Incorporated," hereafter referred to as "this association" or "this organization," or "this club."


A. The primary objective of the association is the promotion and encouragement of long distance running and walking, and the education of the community on the benefits of physical fitness and sport.

B. To further objective "A" this association may hold championships, races on the road or track, time trials, social runs, guided walks, lectures, demonstrations and social events; print and publish books, magazines and newsletters; make awards; and sponsor other programs and events conducive to the encouragement of running and walking.

C. The club will engage in educational and philanthropic community activities. The club will publicize the benefits of long distance running, jogging, and walking; and will coordinate with other groups advocating running and walking.

D. Reston Runners, Incorporated may also engage in other activities for which corporations are permitted under the laws of Virginia.


Members of the club are required to pay annual dues. Past presidents of Reston Runners are granted lifetime memberships in recognition of their service.
Annual membership shall run one year from the date on which a member initiates or renews their membership and pays the annual dues. Current members are eligible to vote in board elections or on any other matters that may be put to the membership for a vote


This association will be a chapter of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), and all measures adopted by the RRCA must be considered by this organization.


A. The management of this association is vested in a Board of Directors, herein referred to as “the Board”.  The Board consists of four Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer),and five Members-at-Large. One Member-at-Large position is designated as Under-40 (U40); meaning, the age of the U40 board member is under 40 at the time of election. The purpose of this position is to focus on new member involvement in the club and to provide an avenue for newer members to take on increased responsibility within the club; thus helping to ensure the future viability of the club.

B. Officer duties are those customarily associated with such positions.

C. To be eligible for office, individuals must be current members of the club at the time of the election, that is when the ballot submissions are closed.

D. Election of Board of Directors

Elections are overseen by an election committee chaired by the club secretary. This committee normally consists of the current board of directors and an appointed club parliamentarian, if desired.

1. Nomination Process.  Approximately six weeks prior to the first general meeting of the year, all members will receive a form used to nominate individuals for officer positions.  Members may nominate one individual for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and up to five individuals for member-at-large positions.  Individuals who are nominated will be contacted by the election committee to determine their willingness to appear on the ballot.  If an individual is nominated for more than one position, he or she may select which position they wish to run for.  The ballot will contain only those who are willing to serve and each individual may run for only one position.

2. Voting. Only eligible members, as defined in this document, may vote in elections.  The election committee will send each eligible member a ballot.  Members will return completed ballots to the election committee at least one week prior to the first general meeting of the year.  The club secretary will oversee the vote count.

3. Election Results. Officers will be elected by plurality vote, that is, candidates receiving the most votes are elected.  The At Large positions will be awarded to the 5 individuals with the most votes.  The results will be announced at the first general meeting of the year.

Should two or more candidates for the same position(s) receive an equal number of votes, the members present at the first general meeting of the year will choose between/among these candidates.  Voting will be by secret ballot.  The election will be decided by plurality vote.  The club secretary will oversee ballot distribution and vote count.  

E. Term of Office

1. Term of office will be approximately one year, beginning at the close of the first general meeting of the year, and in no case beginning later than March 31.

2. The Board may appoint an interim officer to fill any vacated position. Interim offices expire at the first general meeting of the calendar year.

3. Officers may be elected to succeed themselves.

F. Procedural Requirements for General Meetings

1. Announcement of General Meetings.  General meetings of the entire membership must be announced at least fourteen days in advance.  Meetings may be held in a virual format.

2. Quorum Requirements. A quorum of the membership must be present for a general meeting to transact club business.  A quorum consists of twice the number of elected officers plus one.

3. Passing Ordinary Measures.  A majority vote of the members present at a general meeting is necessary to pass ordinary measures.  All measures are ordinary except those proposing a constitutional amendment.

4. Amending the Club Constitution

      a. Members may amend the club constitution by a two-thirds vote of those present at a general meeting.

      b. All members must be notified at least 14 days prior to voting that constitutional amendments will be discussed and voted on.

G. Requirements for Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors will be held at least once each quarter and more frequently if called by the president.


A. Dues are determined by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may change the dues by no more than 10% percent of the current dues. If the proposed change will be greater than 10%, then a majority of the members at a general meeting will need to approve the new dues. Dues will not be changed more than once per year.

B. Dues, entry fees and other money received by the organization will be spent entirely for carrying out the stated objectives of this organization.

C. No part of the net earnings of the club shall inure to the benefit of its individuals.

D. Members using association funds for any purpose shall give a full record of expenditures to the treasurer.

E. This organization may participate in fund raising activities.


In the event of dissolution of this association, the funds in the treasury, after all creditors have been paid, shall go to the Road Runners Club of America or to any other 501(c)(3) organization, as the Board of Directors shall determine.

The updated Constitution was approved at the General Meeting of the Reston Runners on February 21, 2021.

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