Reston Runners Race Reports

The list below are race reports that have been written by our members .

If you would like to share a race report please  pass it onto us  at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that others may enjoy and get the benefits of your experiences.

Cape Town Calling Emmett Delaney's Ultra Marathon in Cape Toewn, SA Emmett Delaney April 20, 2023
Terrapin Mtn 50K Emmett Delaney's Race Report Emmett Delaney March 18, 2023
RMR 2022 Summary of RMR 2022 Anna Newcomb April 2022
NYC Marathon 2013 Emmett compares New York City Marathon with MCM weeks previously in 2013 Emmett Delaney June 3, 2020
MCM 2013 Emmett's story of running the Marine Corps Marathon in 2013 Emmett Delaney June 3, 2020
Promise Land 50K++  2019 Emmett's Report on this rugged trail race in South West Virginia Emmett Delaney April 27, 2019
Antelope Canyon 50 Mile 2019 Emmett's narrative of running an Ultra in the spectaculkar canyon lands Emmett Delaney March 9, 2019
Boston Marathon 2018 Marcy's narrative of running this iconic race under harrowing cold and rain Marcy Foster April 2018
Boston Strong 2017 Boston Marathon - A Personal Narrative Emmett Delaney April 2017
Devil Dog 100 KM Emmet's inspiring story of competing and persevering under the toughest consitions Emmett Delaney December 2016
 Freedom's Run 2015 Reston Runners were well represented in this challenging race through historic Shepherdstown WVA and the Antietam National Battlefiled Park Bill D'Agostino October 2015
Reston Triathlon 2015 Report on Reston Runners in the Triathlon Jack Tozier September 2015
Running Down Under Emmett reports on running in Australia Emmett Delany September 2015
Eagleman 2015 OK, Too many requests for a race report just forces me to get it all out in the open. I have to give many thanks to the amazing athlete Iron Man of a Man among us, Chris Dettmar. He gave me months of advice and endured long rides with me all the while telling me how great I was doing. He read War and Peace at Bartlows waiting for me once but he always acted like he just got there. After many happy send offs from our Morningstar Family, we had an easy 2 hour trip to the expo and then over to the race location so we could park our bikes ( is the right Ironman term "stage our bikes")?, and took a practice swim in the Choptank River. A River??? It looked like the Atlantic Ocean to me...where's the other side?? Mmmmm, salty water with a mixture of gas fumes from the boats. Marcy Foster June 2015
Shamrock Marathon and Half Marathon On the way to Virginia Beach on Friday, in my car at least,  we were talking about the tradition of writing race reports. What happened?  Were we doing so many races that it seemed a bit much?  Were we afraid to distract Tim from his duties in Djibouti with a silly race report?  Were we too busy polishing our medals and spending the winnings  Marcy Foster March 2015
JFK50 November 2013 Shuffling is better than walking Mike Mackert November2013
Bay Swim 2013 As a child I was a devoted Marco Polo fan, and fearless cannonball competitor. But I was a late-comer to the kind of swimming where your face is in the water the whole time, and your feet never actually touch the bottom of the pool. Anna Bradford June 16th 2013
Massanutten Mountain 100 Miler

The Second Time Around - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile

Ed Cacciapaglia May 13-14, 2006
2012 Bay Swim Report At Sandy Point, the masses found shade in the few trees or tents/shade they had brought. We all hung out after picking up race packets and getting body marked (presumably so they can identify bodies found downstream). Anna Bradford June 12th 2012
This year’s [2012's] Boston Marathon was run in unusual heat, causing many runners to forego the experience of running 26 miles in 88 degree temperatures. Steve Clapp April 25th 2012 
Back in 2002 I was, I figured, an experienced JFK-er with 7 consecutive finishes to my name (along with husband Jim). I'd had some great years and some disappointments, but I'd always sort of thought that if I could start, I could finish. Anna Bradford November 25th 2007
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