Your Reston Runners board and program leaders hope to conduct some of our programs and events in the summer of 2021, such as the Women's Training Program, the Seize the Day 5K, Youth in Motion, Interval Training, and 10 Weeks to 10K. But all of these are subject to progress in the fight against COVID and our ability to get permits. Some programs may not be possible, some may be redesigned or delayed. Please keep checking back with us.




10K Training Program - 2021


The Reston Runner's 10 Weeks to 10K Program returns this year starting Monday, July 20,2020 and continues through September 21, 2020. In previous years, this program has culminated with the PRR Perfect 10K/10 Miler.  However, due to the coronavirus and possible government restrictions, this race may not be held or may be converted to a virtual race. This year, each participant will decide which race to run, including the possibility of a solo run, instead of a group event at the Perfect 10. Follow the PRR website for updates.

The program is open to runners, run/walkers, and walkers who want to train and do a 10K race or a 10 Mile race.  Both new and experienced people are welcomed.  Participants should be able to run, run/walk, or walk at least 3 miles prior to the beginning of the program.  The goal is to complete or improve upon a 10K or 10 Miler race.


Each Monday evening during the program starting at 6:30 PM, the participants meet with the coaches for a brief talk (5 minutes or less) and a run or run/walk. (In late August or early September the start time will shift to 6:00 PM due to earlier darkness).  The Program Director will advise of meeting locations in advance of the workouts.   After registration, but before the program starts, participants are given a workout schedule which includes where the Monday meetings are going to be held.  The schedule also includes the workout that each participant is expected to do for each day of the program.  Participants are also encouraged to join in the Reston Runner runs on Saturday and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  

Safety. The safety of all participants during this Covid-19 Pandemic is our primary concern. As a result the program has been redesigned as per this this LINK. Please review it carefully as all participants and coaches agree to be governed by it as well as compliance with the Club's Covid-19 Safety Protocols. In recognition of these program adaptations, the program fee has been reduced from $45 to $35.


The program fee is $35 and includes the weekly runs, the workout schedule, a t-shirt, and ad hoc coaching.  

 For further information, contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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