The Reston Runners Board of Directors consists of four club officers, four members at large, and a Director of Walking Programs.  Below is a general description of the responsibilities of the various positions on the Reston Runners Board of Directors. In considering nominating a candidate or accepting a nomination, members should be aware that the traditional duties associated with the various positions are only part of the job of that position. The Board meets at least once a month and all members are expected to attend the meetings. Responsibility for arranging a venue for the meeting will be rotated among each of the board members.  In these meetings, the Board acts as a Committee of the Whole, and each member, irrespective of their office, will be involved in discussing and making decisions which will affect the entire Club. Additionally, Board members rotate doing the announcements at the start of weekend run/walk.  From time to time, Board member are asked to assume responsibilities which go beyond the normal duties of their office. These may include planning and managing events, attending meetings with local officials, gathering data for various functions, or performing other outreach activities consistent with the Club's mission and goals. Reading and responding to emails is an ongoing daily requirement.

Reston Runners Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: John KossThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As the senior official of the Club, the President has ultimate responsibility for the club and all club activities.  Unless specifically delegated otherwise, the President is the focal point for almost any inside or outside person or agency asking for club involvement on an array of issues. The President should not act unilaterally and should coordinate decisions with other board members.  The President often receives several emails or inquiries a day. The President chairs the monthly Board meetings and is responsible for preparation of the meeting agenda. The President arranges and makes appointments to various Club committees and functions. The President also serves as the Vice-President of the Reston Runners Community Fund.



The Vice-President serves as the Club president in the President's absence and is often asked to assume "ad hoc" functions which are of particular long range importance for the Club from a policy perspective such as community outreach. The Vice-President also serves as a consultant to the President in the resolution of day-to-day Club matters and development of a vision for the club's future. The Vice-President also serves as the President of the Reston Runners Community Fund.



Dan Grove

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The primary responsibility of the Secretary is recording and distributing minutes of each Board meeting. The Secretary is also responsible for conducting the annual election of Officers and Board members: establishing a schedule for nominations, assuring that it is published, performing liaison with the individual responsible for conducting the on-line election, and compiling results.

The Secretary is also responsible for submitting the annual registration of the Club with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), including its liability insurance, and is the Club’s point of contact with RRCA for requesting certificates of insurance that are required in connection with the Club’s annual races and events.

In addition, as with all other Board members, the Secretary will be asked for regular input into Board decisions as well as handling occasional jobs outside of the regular responsibilities of the office.


TREASURER: Young NamThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Treasurer is the principal financial manager of the Club. In addition to receiving and processing all funds and making all approved disbursements, the Treasurer is responsible for keeping up-to-date accounting records and providing information on the Club's finances at the monthly Board meetings. The Treasurer also assists in the preparation of the Club's annual budget, and, like other Board members, participates in the day-to-day decision-making process on matters which come before the entire Board.









Each of the Members-at-Large participates in a wide variety of activities in addition to the day-to-day involvement of conferring on issues which arise that require immediate decisions by the Board. Members-at-Large also attend and actively participate in monthly Board meetings. Other duties of At Large members may involve, for example, the year-long process of gathering and recording names of Club members who have volunteered to assist in Club activities, planning and organizing events like a pool party/picnic or annual dinner meeting, or researching other possible Club programs or activities.  Members-at-Large are expected to step up and help make club events and activities successful, either by taking the lead in organizing events or being an active participate in event planning and execution.


Jeannie Johns (Member at Large)



Amy Byerly  (Member at Large)


Michael Faulkner (Member at Large)


Clyde Rollins (Member at Large)


Kahlil Dover (Under 40 Member at Large)



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