Course   : Sunrise Valley Elementary School 18 Mile Trail Run
Location: Cross School Road at Sunrise Valley Drive Distance: 10 or 18.0 miles
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  1. LEFT on W&OD toward Town Center for about 1 mile
  2. RIGHT on Michael Faraday Drive, take trail into woods, (follow white-blazed posts with horseshoes carved on them for the entire run), run one mile down hill, ford small stream
  3. RIGHT after stream crossing, uphill following white posts - you're now doing the Thanksgiving Day 5K course in reverse
  4. Follow the trail up and down hills, alongside a soccer field and across a couple small streams. The trail will open up to an athletic field. Continue down a steep hill
  5. At open area (Lake Fairfax picnic area), turn right then immediately left, following path back into woods.
  6. Cross Hunter Mill Road and continue on the trail keeping right at fork after about 1/4 mile
  7. At Carpers Farm Way, (water here at about 5 miles from start), cross Route 7 and take the 1st road to the RIGHT
  8. Follow the road a short distance until it turns into a trail and continues along the left side of Difficult Run
  9. Cross Difficult Run on the fair-weather crossing, take right onto CCT.  
  10. Stay along right side of Leigh Mill Road to end of field (sometimes there's water there) then cross street and continue on trail into woods (and more mud).
  11. Cross under Old Dominion Drive
  12. When you reach the Difficult Run/Steam Edge parking area turn around for an approximately 17-18 mile run. Cross the stream to continue on to Great Falls Park for a longer run


For an alternative 9-to-10 mile trail run, instead of crossing Rt 7 at step #5, follow path on far side of Carpers Farm Way and complete the 10-mile trail loop.

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Sunrise Valley Elementary School 18 Mile Trail Run-Street

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