Course   : Riverbend Park  
Location: Potomac Hills St. off Jeffrey Road, Great Falls, VA Distance: 3.1 Miles
Maps      : Street   


  1. Walk toward the river going across the grassy area between the visitor's center and the river. Turn left onto dirt path going into the woods. You will be following the trail marked with GREEN blazes.
  2. Continue straight on the path with the river on your right. Ignore the path to the left marked with a Nature Center sign (GREEN blazes).
  3. Follow the trail left, away from the river, over a bridge, and uphill (stairs provided).
  4. The trail continues uphill with several left and right S curves (still following green blazes)
  5. Turn left at the sign that says “Bootlegger Trail” and “Potomac Heritage Trail”, marked with RED blazes.
  6. Follow the trail downhill. At a fork, go left to continue downhill to a pond, which may be covered with green algae to your right (RED blazes).
  7. At the pond, turn left to take the wide gravel trail/road going uphill. Ignore the sign that says “To Bootlegger Trail”.
  8. Turn left at the sign that says “To Nature Center”. It is a mud trail but you will see a short boardwalk about 40 feet ahead.
  9. Pass the Nature Center building keeping it to your left and almost immediately after, turn left onto the cement sidewalk.
  10. Turn to the right at next intersection of paths down to a set of stairs. You are now following ORANGE blazes.
  11. At the next intersection with an asphalt trail, turn left following the ORANGE blazes.
  12. Turn right at the sign to follow the “Hollows Trail” gravel path (ORANGE blazes).
  13. Come down the flood control logs and cross the main road entrance into the park.
  14. Turn right and pick up the ORANGE blazed trail about 40 feet away.
  15. Cross over the main trail and pick up the ORANGE blazed trail again.
  16. At the sign post with a mounted map, turn right to follow the YELLOW and ORANGE blazes.
  17. At the branch of ORANGE and YELLOW blazes, continue to follow the ORANGE blazes to the left.
  18. Continue to cross over the bridge and stay to the left at the next intersection.
  19. At the “All Bikes” and other signs, turn left towards the “Visitors Center” which is crushed gravel. You will be following ORANGE blazes.
  20. When you get to the area with benches and tables near the river, turn left on the main path towards the “Visitors Center”. You will now be following the GREEN blazes all the way to the Visitors Center and the start.

So basically, the blaze colors you will be following are Green, Red, a very short unblazed section, Orange, Yellow/Orange, Orange, and back to Green.


Liz O'Toole was the original creator of this course. Charles Nazare revised this course in Sep. 2012 to reflect changes that Park Rangers made in closing some trails and opening others in recent months. 

Dennis Hays' directions to Riverbend Park from Reston:

  1. Take Baron Cameron (Rt 606) and turn right on Route 7.
  2. Go .6 mile and turn left on Colvin Run
  3. Go .4 mile and turn left on Walker Road
  4. Go 2.5 miles and turn right on Arnon Chapel Road (go past Old Georgetown Pike (rt. 193) and turn at first stop sign)
  5. Go 1.4 miles and turn left on Riverbend Road.
  6. Go .1 mile and turn right on Jeffery Road
  7. Go .8 mile and turn right into park on Potomac Hills Street.
  8. Go .5 mile and park either to the left (Visitors Center) or right.

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