Course   : Riverbend Park  
Location: Potomac Hills St. off Jeffrey Road, Great Falls, VA Distance: 4.2 Miles
Maps      : Street  

Directions: (Note: Be prepared for course revisions briefed at run start)

  1. From the picnic area head north (left if facing the river) on the Potomac Heritage Trail (Blue)  
  2. Continue on the Blue trail past the turn toward the Nature Center, up hill and back down toward the river.
  3. Turn left onto the Bootlegger Trail (Red).  You will go past the pond.
  4. Follow the Red trail through Conn's Meadow, along the top of the barrier and cross Potomac Hills Street (the road leading into the Park)
  5. Turn immediately left on Madison's Escape Trail (Yellow) 
  6. Turn right on The Hollows Trail (Orange) - follow down to the river.
  7. Turn left onto the Potomac Heritage Trail (Blue again) - follow along river
  8. Enter parking lot, proceed almost its full length, look for trail on left going uphill
  9. Take this trail, Madison's Escape (Yellow again) up the hill
  10. Turn right on The Hollows (Orange again).  Cross Potomac Hills Street.  Jog left/right on service road (all Orange) Continue.
  11. Follow The Hollows back down to the river.
  12. Turn right onto Potomac Heritage (Blue for the last time) Return to the finish in the picnic area.


This course was revised by Dennis Hays in Sept. 2012 to reflect changes made by the Park Rangers to close some trails and open others.

Here are Driving Directions to Riverbend Park from the Reston Town Center:

  1. Take Baron Cameron (Rt 606) and turn right on Route 7.
  2. Go .6 mile and turn left on Colvin Run
  3. Go .4 mile and turn left on Walker Road
  4. Go 2.5 miles and turn right on Arnon Chapel Road (go past Old Georgetown Pike (rt. 193) and turn at first stop sign)
  5. Go 1.4 miles and turn left on Riverbend Road.
  6. Go .1 mile and turn right on Jeffery Road
  7. Go .8 mile and turn right into park on Potomac Hills Street.
  8. Go .5 mile and park either to the left (Visitors Center) or right.

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