Course   : Sunrise Valley Elementary School  
Location: Cross School Road at Sunrise Valley Drive Distance: 5.0 miles
Maps      : Street  /


  1. Start at the back of the SVES parking lot.
  2. Take the short trail to the W&OD Trail.
  3. Right on the W&OD.
  4. Right on the trail leading towards Cross School Rd.
  5. Cross Cross School Rd and proceed on Midsummer Dr for a short distance.
  6. Right on the trail leading to Barton Hill Rd.
  7. Right on Barton Hill Rd using the side walk trail on the east side of the road.
  8. Left on the trail on the north side of soccer field across from the tennis courts.
  9. Follow trail to the Fellowship House and veer to the right towards South Lakes Dr. Do not enter the tunnel under SL Dr.
  10. Left on the side walk trail of South Lakes Dr.
  11. Left on the east side walk trail of Twin Branches Rd.
  12. Cross Twin Branches Rd to the west side walk trail and proceed to Glade Dr.
  13. Cross Glade Dr and proceed down to the Glade Trail.
  14. Right on the Glade Trail.
  15. Cross the wood bridge and turn left at the T towards Howland Dr.
  16. Left on Howland Dr.
  17. At the Cul-De-Sac turn right on the trail.
  18. Left at the T to Glade Dr.
  19. At Glade Dr crossTwin Braches and proceed to the Twin Branches Nature Trail.
  20. Move towards the east direction, on the north side of the main stream. Use the bridge to cross a stream from Lake Audubon.
  21. Continue along a dam over another stream that flows into the main stream.
  22. At the intersection with a trail heading north continue east. Use the lower trail along the main stream if conditions are dry.
  23. Alternatively, use the high trail if lower trail is suspected to be wet. It will return back to the main (lower) trail.
  24. Follow the trail north after crossing a wooden bridge and proceed to the W&OD Trail north of Buckthorn Dr.
  25. Cross the W&OD Trail and continue on a paved trail to Post Oak Tr.
  26. Turn right, on Post Oak Tr.
  27. Turn left on Oldfield Dr.
  28. Left on Winter Corn Ln to the Cul-de-Sac.
  29. Proceed on the trail to W&OD Trail.
  30. Turn left at W&OD and a right on the trail leading to the parking lot of SVES.
  31. Go left on little path back up to school parking lot; This is just before the 16 mile marker and before Sunrise Valley Drive


This course utilizes an unpaved nature trail for a distance of less than a mile.

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