Spectrum Shopping Center at the corner of New Dominion Dr and Library Dr. in front of Le Madeleine Restaurant

5 Miles

View: Start Location 

Mile Marker

  • Start in the parking area in front of La Madeleine restaurant and cross parking lot to The Container Store
  • cross onto path to the right of The Container Store and proceed through the tunnel under Reston Parkway
  • At end of tunnel, turn left and proceed on pathway crossing several roads and down a long hill.There are a couple of jogs in the path so pick the one that seems closest to straight

1.0  Shortly after a cross-path, go through tunnel under North Shore Drive keep the stream is on your left

  • At T, turn left across the van Gogh foot bridge then right into Lake Anne Village Center.
  • You’ll need to turn left unless you want to run into Lake Anne.
  • Keep straight at the end of the plaza to exit the Village Center into the parking lot.

1.3  Cross the parking lot toward the right.  There are 2 exits on the far end.  Follow the one on the left.

  • Cross North Shore drive then onto the short road to Baron Cameron Rd.
  • Cross Baron Cameron and enter parking area for Lake Newport Tennis courts.
  • Cross the parking area and keep left to opposite side and up to North Village Rd. 
  • Turn right on North Village Rd, crossing street to stay on wide safe path on left-hand side 

2.5    After keeping on path along North Village for about a mile and crossing over Lake Newport Rd, turn left onto path along Center Harbor Rd.  

  • Cross Reston Parkway carefully at the traffic light and turn left on the path in front of NPVC
  • Turn right onto path along Bennington Woods Rd.  Stay on path for almost a mile to come to Baron Cameron at traffic light

4.1.  Cross Baron Cameron very carefully and proceed onto Town Center Pkwy.  Find a safe place to cross the s

4.6  A short distance after crossing New Dominon Parkway, turn left onto Market St. 

4.9.  At fountain square, turn left and proceed past out to New Dominion Pkwy

5.0   Cross street to return to La Madeleine parking lot

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