Autumnwood Pool

North End of Grey Squirrel Lane off Walnut Branch Rd

10 Mile Run

Measured: 10 Miles



  1. Start: head west on trail, looping behind the pool.
  2. Right at "T", then take second left up to along the soccer field.
  3. Right along Lake Newport Drive, cross Reston Parkway and North Village and continue.
  4. Right on path, follow around to Lake Newport parking lot. Left up the steps, continue along dam.
  5. Right on path after basketball court, left onto path along Baron Cameron, right through the tunnel.
  6. Follow path to tunnel under North Shore, continue on path to Lake. Up to Inlet Dr. Right on path along Lake Anne dam.
  7. Follow path to left on W&OD.  Cross Sunrise Valley Drive and right on path.
  8. Follow path across Barton Hill and continue up the Jerry Robinson shortcut - The path along the Sunrise Valley side of the soccer field. It goes uphill and then veers left and right to South Lakes Drive.
  9. Go through the tunnel under South Lakes and cut through the parking lot to the lake.
  10. Take the path to the right. Follow to Lake Thoreau Pool parking lot. ,
  11. Cross Upper Lakes Drive and follow path along Sunrise Valley to right on the other end of Upper Lakes.
  12. Cross Sunrise Valley, left on path to right along Wiehle. Cross Sunset Hills to left on W&OD.
  13. Continue on the W&OD to right on path just before Fairfax County Parkway. Run along-side lake to right on pathway after townhouses.
  14. Left on Crescent Park Dr. Cross New Dominion Parkway, continue on Town Center Drive, circling the hospital.
  15. Left on Town Center Parkway. Cross Baron Cameron Ave. Left on path at Stevenage Road.
  16. Go around pond to right on path along Fairfax County Parkway. Cross Walnut Branch to right on path.
  17. Follow to left on path leading to Autumnwood Pool finish.

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