Hunters Woods Village Center

Colts Neck Rd. just North of Glade Dr.

10 Mile Run

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  1. Start by running toward the north end of the parking lot (toward Fellowship House), picking up the downhill path to the Hunter Woods trail system.
  2. Follow the trail to the left and under Colts Neck Rd. and Reston Parkway.
  3. At the Pinecrest Recreation Center, leave the path and turn left on Pinecrest Rd.
  4. Turn right on Glade Drive (next intersection)  Follow Glade to "T" intersection, turning left onto Sunrise Valley Drive.
  5. Left on Fairfax County Parkway (the next intersection) [Hot weather water stop may be located here].
  6. Continue on Fairfax County Parkway (south) crossing Fox Mill Rd and continuing another 1/4 mile or so to the sound-wall-sheltered neighborhood cul de sac.
  7. Make a wide "U" turn by running around the circle in the cul de sac and retrace your steps back to the intersection with Sunrise Valley Drive, passing the water stop.
  8. Continue north on the Fairfax County Parkway, crossing the ramps to and from the Dulles Toll Road and Sunset Hills Road, passing under the W&OD Trail to the next right onto the ramp that leads up to the W&OD Trail.
  9. Turn left (east) onto the W&OD Trail, passing under Reston Parkway and crossing Old Reston Avenue [Cold weather water stop may be located here], to the Trail's intersection with Wiehle Avenue [Hot weather water stop may be located here]   
  10. Turn right on Wiehle Ave crossing Sunset Hills Road and the Dulles Toll Road
  11. Right on Sunrise Valley Drive.
  12. Left on Soaptone Drive, crossing South Lakes Drive, to Glade Drive
  13. Right on Glade Drive.
  14. Right into the service road leading to the gasoline station at HWVC. Note, the service road is located just before the intersection Glade Drive with Colts Nect Road.
  15. Continue straight ahead to the finish/start area at the HWVC parking Lot.


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Hunters Woods Village Center 10 Mile Run Map


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