Hunters Woods Pool 3 Mile Walk


Hunters Woods Pool & Pavilion

Reston Parkway at Oslo or North Terminus of Steeplechase

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3.1 miles


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  1. Take asphalt path from Steeplechase  Drive end of parking lot, keeping play area on left
  2. Stay on path and cross Colts Neck Drive
  3. Stay straight on asphalt path
  4. Go left at T intersection (green sign on trail marker points toward SL Shopping Center)
  5. Up wooden steps and cross Steeplechase Drive and immediately turn left at T intersection.
  6. Cross Bridge #63
  7. Follow path; do NOT make right turn on intersecting path
  8. Turn right at triangle path intersection
  9. Cross Bridge #57 and turn right at T intersection
  10. Continue on path crossing Bridges #60, #61, and #62
  11. Turn left at T intersection
  12. Cross Bridge #63 and then Steeplechase Drive.  Descend steps
  13. Turn right at T intersection
  14. Bear left at the Y immediately after green cable boxes
  15. Cross Colts Neck Drive and follow main path on right.
  16. Arrive at Pool.

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Hunters Woods Pool 3 Mile Walk Map

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