Course   : Lake Newport Tennis Courts – North Course  
Location: Village Road between Brown's Chapel Road and North Village Road Distance: 5.0 Miles

  1. Start at lower end of tennis court parking lot at speed bump, going downhill toward Baron Cameron Avenue
  2. Left on path paralleling Baron Cameron Avenue for about 1/2 mile
  3. Left on path along Wiehle Avenue for about 1/2 mile
  4. Left on Center Harbor Road for about 2/3 mile
  5. Left on path on far side of Reston Parkway for about 1/3 mile
  6. Right on path along Lake Newport Road for almost 1/2 mile
  7. Left on path downhill into woods opposite Armstrong Elementary School for about 1/2 mile [Water stop at Lake Newport Road and path across from Armstrong Elementary School (very hot days only)
  8. Right on path along Bennington Woods Road for about 1/2 mile
  9. Left on Stevenage Road for about 1/3 mile
  10. Right on path along Reston Parkway for 1 long block
  11. Left on path paralleling Baron Cameron Avenue for over 1/2 mile
  12. Cross North Village Road and continue for about 100 yards to Start


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Lake Newport Tennis Courts 5 Mile Run Map

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