Course   : Langston Hughes Middle School  
Location: LHMS parking lot - Seahawk Dr. off Ridge Heights Dr. Distance: 3.0 miles
Maps      : Street     


  1. Right on Seahawks Dr. and cross South Lakes Dr., then left on path
  2. In about 75 yds., right on asphalt path, cross Wakerobin Lane and continue on path
  3. Left on intersecting path to cross bridge over end of lake, then left at “T” by raised sewer cover.
  4. Right on Spyglass Cove, then immediate left onto tarred Reston Path
  5. Left at the T (Gary Braithwaite Field at Quartermaster sign)
  6. Cross Quartermaster Lane then turn left at 1st path
  7. Continue on path cross Compass Pt.
  8. Right at red fire hydrant – follow path around to Glade
  9. Go left to cross Timberhead onto path
  10. Left on Twin Branches Rd., then left through Lake Audubon Pool parking lot, and continue on path by boat ramp
  11. At top of steps, turn right onto path
  12. Right at Ridge Heights to South Lakes Dr. (do not cross under South Lakes Dr.)
  13. Left to cross Ridge Heights then on path along South Lakes Dr.
  14. Stay on path, crossing Cabot’s Pt. Lane and Cedar Cove Ct.
  15. Cross Tanbark and make immediate right across South Lakes Dr. in crosswalk onto Seahawks Drive to return to Langston Hughes parking lot


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(click on the map below to enlarge it)

 LHMS 3 walk small.jpg

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