Course   : North Hills Pool  
Location: 1325 North Village Rd - Off Wiehle Ave Distance: ~ 5.3 miles
Maps      : Street    / Satellite    


  1. Start in the North Hills Pool parking lot.
  2. Left onto Reston pathway and first left on trail leading under Wiehle Ave.
  3. Right on path parallel to Wiehle, continuing left on path along Baron Cameron.
  4. Left on Cameron Heath Drive to right on access road.
  5. Come out on Turnwell Stable Ct. to right on Hunter Gate Way.
  6. Left along Crippen Vale Ct., following path looping past tennis courts and pool.
  7. Left on Hunter Gate Way to right on path along Baron Cameron.
  8. Right on Gatesmeadow Way to left on Aldbury Way.
  9. Left on Hunter Gate Way, then left on Turnwell Stable Ct.
  10. Return through the access road and go left on Cameron Heath Dr.
  11. Right on Chessington Place to left on path leading out of the cul de sac.
  12. Right at T to first T leading up to Old Quincy.
  13. Right on Longwood Grove, then quick left on Bradbury Lane.
  14. Right on path along Weihle to right on path to Woodbrook Court.
  15. Left on Woodbrook Lane to right on path leading back to underpass.
  16. Through underpass to right to the finish.


 To shorten this course to exactly 5 miles you may eliminate either the Crippen Vale loop at step 6 or tthe Woodbrook loop at step 14-15.  Your comments are most welcome. Click the link to open an email box: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

North Hills Pool 5 Mile RunA Map

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