Course   : Lake Fairfax Park

Possibly the hilliest 5 mile course in the RR repertoire of courses

Location: South End of Lake Fairfax Drive off Baron Cameron Avenue Distance: 5.0 Miles


  1. Begin in Lake Fairfax parking lot heading toward exit.
  2. Right on Blaze Dr. just after park exit
  3. Left on Dasher Ln.
  4. Left on Hunt Club Road, cross Lake Fairfax Dr.
  5. Keep to right when road divides and turn right onto Reston Pathway.
  6. Continue on pathway across Ring Road and up the hill.
  7. Continue on pathway downhill and across Ring Road into Pool parking lot.
  8. Continue on pathway at back of pool parking lot and down the hill. 
  9. Straight on path until path ends at Tall Oaks Shopping Center.
  10. Straight into parking lot then turn left after building to exit parking lot. , Turn left onto North Shore Dr.
  11. Left on Park Glen Court to pathway at end.
  12. Right at "T" on pathway.
  13. Left at onto pathway after the wooden bridge.
  14. Keep left at a couple of forks in path
  15. Right on path before reaching North Shore Dr, Follow through tunnel under Beacontree Ln.
  16. At bottom of hill, keep left through tunnel under North Shore Dr.
  17. After path turns right at far end of tunnel, keep left at folk to run along stream
  18. Turn left at first left then immediate right on path behind townhouses.
  19. Right across bridge and up to Saffold Way then turn right
  20. Right on path after first set of townhouses; continue back to tunnel.
  21. Left after tunnel to Uplands Pool, cross Ring Road to path uphill.
  22. Follow path over hill, across Ring Road, through woods to left on Hunt Club.
  23. Cross Lake Fairfax to right on Dasher.
  24. Right on Blaze, left on Lake Fairfax to finish.



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