Course   : North Point Village Center  
Location: Reston Parkway at Lake Newport Road Distance: 3.0 Miles
Maps      : Street    

Course - North Point Village Center 3 Mile Walk - Street

Course   : North Point Village Center


Location: Reston Parkway at Lake Newport Road

Distance: 3.0 Miles

Maps      : Street  



  • From the parking lot, turn right onto the sidewalk along Reston Parkway.
  • Cross Lake Newport Road. Be careful; there is no walk button to push.
  • Cross Bennington Woods Road, again, there is no walk button.
  • Pass two small paths on the right. Soon after a fire hydrant turn right at the next asphalt path. Woods will be on the right and a field on the left.
  • Stay on the main path until you cross Bennington Woods Road again.
  • Cross Bennington Woods Road diagonally towards the right to continue on path down the hill and into the woods.
  • Turn right at the Y intersection.
  • Cross Trails Edge Lane
  • Opposite Old Bayberry Lane turn left on Reston Trail into the woods
  • Pass a bench on the right and pass a path going to the right. The path you are on will curve to the left. Continue on main path which will cross the cleared gas-line right-of-way.
  • Watch for the bright red and yellow of a day care center ahead. Soon the path will cross over a drainage pipe and you will see a long flight of wooden stairs on the right. Turn right, but do not take the stairs. Stay on the path.
  • Pass the day care center on the left. Stay on the main path.
  • Go up the hill as you come out of the woods. At the fork with the orange and white pole, turn right. 
  • Stay on the sidewalk for quite a while.
  • At house #1485, the sidewalk curves to the right and ends.
  • Cross the street. Follow the asphalt sidewalk to the right, staying alongside the road.
  • Cross Woodcrest Drive.
  • Cross Lake Newport Road at the crosswalk and turn right.
  • Cross Summerchase Circle.
  • Follow North Point Drive into the shopping center.

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