Course   : Herndon High School  
Location: Herndon High School Distance: 5.1 miles
Maps      : Street   / Satellite   


  1. Start on Bennett Street at the intersection of the last entrance to the Herndon High School parking lot, heading east for about 250 feet (away from Dranesville Road into the residential subdivision).
  2. Left onto Kingstream Drive, continuing for 1/3 mile.
  3. Right onto an asphalt trail about 150 yards after the stop sign at Kingsvale Circle, continuing for about 300 yards downhill to a ford crossing of Sugarland Run.
  4. Right immediately after the ford crossing for about 200 yards to another ford crossing of Sugarland Run.
  5. Left after the ford crossing, continuing on the main stream valley trail for about 1/2 mile.
  6. Left at "T" intersection of trails (when you see backyards of houses), continuing on main stream valley trail for about 1/4 mile.
  7. Cross stream on wooden bridge.
  8. Bear Left at a "Y" trail intersection about 50 yards after the bridge, and continue for about 1/2 mile, crossing the stream at a 3rd ford after about 75 yards, and crossing a smaller tributary stream again on a 4th ford after about another 300 yards.
  9. Bear Right at "Y" about 250 yards after the 4th stream ford.
  10. Right at the next trail intersection about 200 yards after the "Bear Right" at "Y", continuing for almost 1/4 mile until you see the trail-side sign on the right "Sugarland Run Trail" (the backs of 2 other signs are on the left at the turn-around, one of which says "Herndon Town Limits"). Reverse direction and return to start.

This course consists of 4 miles of Sugarland Run Trails and 8 Stream Fords. This course was designed and measured by Joe Stowers. It is intended to replace two of our newer courses (starting from Armstrong ES and North Point Village Center) that are felt to be unsafe because they require crossing the Fairfax County Parkway. This course eliminates the crossing of the Parkway (or any other major road) and greatly lengthens the proportion of the run that is in the Sugarland Run stream valley -- now more than 4 of the 5 miles. It also adds to the fun and challenge of stream crossings with 8 fords (4 in each direction).

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Herndon High School 5 Mile Run-street