10 Weeks to 10K - 2020 Program Design

Due to the unique circumstances of the Covid-19 Pandemic, this year's training program  is as follows:

  • Maximum registration.Registration for the program will be limited to 50 persons plus ten coaches. (In 2019, 82 participants and 13 coaches participated.)
  • No designated in-person capstone race.In previous years the program has been affiliated with the Perfect 10 (10K or 10 miles.)  The Perfect 10 is accepting paid registrations and has a notice stating “We hope to see you out on the course in person on September 27th. However, if government guidelines regarding COVID-19 determine it best, the Perfect 10K/10Miler may be converted into a virtual race.” We have certainly enjoyed the race in previous years, however, we feel that the race fee would be excessive, should the event go virtual.  Additionally, some participants might be inclined to opt out of an in-person group race due to COVID concerns.  Therefore, instead of encouraging participation in the Perfect 10 this year, we will instead strongly urge each participant to run and continuously time any 10K or 10 mile course of their choosing, either an in-person race or a solo run, on any day from September 26 to October 18, as their capstone accomplishment of the program.  Those who report their finishing time and date of completion to us will receive a certificate.  
  • The 10 Weeks to 10K program lead reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the program at any time before or during its commencement, if, in the sole judgment of the program lead, any of the following occur:
  • State, local or federal guidelines that are substantially in conflict with the program are issued;
  • The behavior of participants and/or coaches deviates substantially from the safety policies established, and the program lead and coaches are unable to address the deviation to their satisfaction; or
  • One or more program participant(s) and/or coach(es) reports positive COVID test results to the program lead, and continuation of the program is deemed to present a significant risk of further spread.

In the event that the program is canceled, the program lead may elect to continue it as a virtual program, with each individual completing training runs or walks on his/her own.  In the event of cancellation after the second program meeting, the major expense of ordering T-shirts will be incurred, and refunds will not be made to participants after that time.

Candidate meeting locations and courses:

  • Lake Audobon Pool at Twin Branches.There are nearly 30 parking spots in the pool parking lot, with overflow parking on Twin Branches.  An out-and-back course of Twin Branches to Glade towards Reston Parkway provides a distance of three to five miles with substantial evening shade.
  • Hunters Woods Elementary School (alternative:Hunters Woods Shopping Center).The parking lot provides sufficient parking, and could be used until the school year begins.  Colts Neck to Quorn, left to the T at Quorn, and back is about 1.7 miles and nicely shaded, and a Paddock Road/Steeplechase route passing Hunters Woods pool provides additional mileage.  
  • Lake Fairfax Park.Roads with sufficient width within the Park, as well as adjacent roads (Blaze, Dasher, Hunt Club, Ring, and portions of North Shore) will allow a three mile course.
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