Uplands Pool

Ring Road and North Shore Drive

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3.1 miles

View: Start Location 

  1. From pool turn left on path along North Shore Drive for about 1/4 mile. 
  2. Go under Becontree Lane. 
  3. Right on asphalt path at "T" intersection. 
  4. Left on sidewalk along North Shore Drive, crossing Wiehle Avenue on overpass. 
  5. Stay to the right towards North Shore. Go left on North Shore. 
  6. After passing Lake Anne Park take the asphalt path on the left. 
  7. Follow path under Moorings Drive. 
  8. Cross Chimney House Road to walk down the wide steps straight ahead. 
  9. Walk through Lake Anne Plaza toward the high-rise (Heron House). 
  10. Turn right to follow the water at the end of the high-rise. 
  11. Cross bridge into Waterview Cluster. Turn left to follow the sidewalk to the end of the cluster. 
  12. Continue straight on asphalt path, passing marina on left. 
  13. At "T" intersection turn left. 
  14. The path becomes a cement sidewalk in front of a group of homes. Stay on the sidewalk. 
  15. At the end of the homes the sidewalk turns into an asphalt path again. 
  16. At first street/parking area turn left onto cement sidewalk in front of homes with small playground on right. 
  17. The sidewalk turns into an asphalt path when street ends. Lake will appear on left again. 
  18. Asphalt path emerges onto a cul-de-sac. Follow the sidewalk to the left to the other end of the road. Sidewalk will end. 
  19. Turn left onto asphalt path which will cross the Lake Anne dam. 
  20. Cross Inlet Court and bear right, then left to continue along Wiehle Ave. 
  21. Turn left onto overpass to cross Wiehle Avenue at North Shore Drive. 
  22. Take first path on right into the woods and a quick left onto another path. 
  23. Retrace steps on path going under Becontree and back to Uplands pool. For a little more distance walk around Ring Road on the sidewalk (0.59 mi. per loop). 

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Uplands Pool 3 Mile Walk Map

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