Reagan National Airport-To-Reston

A Classic Redefined -- River and Monument Route

Departure Zone B

22 Mile Run

Measured: 22 Mile

View: Start Location


  1. Head north on the Mt. Vernon Trail. Follow the dotted yellow line along the river for about four miles.
  2. At the end of the Roosevelt Island parking lot, go up the ramp.
  3. Follow the path across Lynn St. and Ft. Meyer Dr. (carefully) and in front of the Marriott - you are now on the Martha Custis trail. At Custis Trail miler marker 0 there is a overhead bridge. Just to the right, there is a small park with restrooms and a water fountain.
  4. Follow the Custis trail to the west for about four and a half miles. Stay with the solid yellow line.
  5. At the end of the Custis trail (you will have just passed under I-66 yet again), go right a short distance to the W&OD.
  6. Turn right and follow the W&OD to Reston.

Notes: 1. Drop-off: Get dropped off at Departure zone "B." There are restrooms and water fountains just inside the door. Go down to the gate level and take the moving walkway toward the Metro and parking lots (stop first at Cinnabon if you need a carb/sugar fix). Go left and up thorough the ruins of Abington Plantation. Go out the top and to the right through the car rental area, turning back 160 degrees at the end (on the left) to join the connector to the Mt. Vernon Trail.

2. There are "Rosie" options to shorten the run at both the Rosslyn & East Falls Church Metro stations, taking the Silver Line back to the start.

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