Reston South Commuter Lot

Reston Parkway at Intersection with Fox Mill Road


3 Mile Walk - Variant


Measured: 3.3 mile

View: Start Location /  Street Map


  1. Leave the parking lot by walking east (away from Reston Parkway) on the path along the south border of the commuter parking lot, along Lawyers Road.
  2. Follow path into the woods turning right at first "T" intersection.
  3. Right at second trail intersection (shortly after crossing wooden bridge), crossing Steeplechase Drive (via the steps or the large under-road culvert).
  4. Immediately bear left on the asphalt path. Follow the main path. Do not take the left over the bridge and parallel to the road.
  5. Right at the next trail intersection, crossing to the south (right) side of the stream bed.
  6. Left at the next trail intersection, crossing Bridge 57 to the north side of the stream.
  7. Left at Y.
  8. Right at tot lot.
  9. Turn right to cross Steeplechase, go down wooden stairs.
  10. Left at next T intersection.
  11. Right at next path intersection.
  12. Take second path on left, heading back to commuter parking lot.
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