Lake Anne Village Center

North Shore Drive at Village Road

5 Mile Run

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  1. Run through Lake Anne Plaza, exiting through passageway by Jasmine Restaurant.
  2. Run up steps and continue straight on pathway, bearing right on exiting the Moorings Dr. underpass.
  3. Continue on pathway over the covered bridge.
  4. Turn right at "T".
  5. Follow pathway behind apartments and townhouses down hill to Lake Anne
  6. Run up hill to enter Inlet Court.
  7. Turn right on pathway that leads along the Lake Anne Dam.
  8. Veer right after Dam to enter onto South Shore Drive.
  9. Left on South Shore Road toward Fairway Dr.
  10. Right on Fairway Dr. to right on pathway just before Orchard Lane.
  11. Left on path in front of townhouses.
  12. Left on path by playground up to North Shore, through tunnel.
  13. Left along North Shore.
  14. Left on Clubhouse Road
  15. Left on pathway, then right on path toward clubhouse
  16. Turn left to go around Clubhouse, pass putting green on your left, then bear right on marked Reston pathway
  17. Right on North Shore
  18. Left into park before Temporary Road
  19. Continue on path across Old Reston Ave.
  20. Right on pathway just before the W&OD up toward Reston Pkwy
  21. Right on path.  Cross Temporary Road
  22. Follow pathway through development and cross Wainwright Dr.
  23. Follow pathway past ball field and cross Wainwright Dr. on other side.
  24. Follow pathway down hill, crossing the streambed via the wooden bridge and passing behind the school and under North Shore Dr.
  25. Follow pathway along Lake Anne and then go left over the bridge returning to Lake Anne Village Center
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