Lake Newport Tennis Courts

Baron Cameron Avenue at Village Road, Opposite Lake Anne

10 Mile Run

Measured: 10.0 mile

View: Start Location  


  1. Begin by running north on trail that skirts the western edge of Lake Newport, crossing Lake Newport Rd. to Greenwich Point Road.
  2. Left on Greenwich Point to North Village Road
  3. Left on North Village to Baron Cameron Avenue
  4. Right on path along Baron Cameron to Reston Parkway
  5. Right on Reston Parkway To Stevenage Road (behind the Home Depot building)
  6. Left on Stevenage to Bennington Woods Road
  7. Right on Bennington Woods Rd. to the Reston Trail head on the left, 100m beyond Trails Edge Lane
  8. Follow Reston trail to its end at Lake Newport Drive (opposite Armstrong Elementary School)
  9. Right on Lake Newport to the Reston trail exiting left along the gas pipeline easement, about 40m beyond Elk Point Drive [Water stop located here]
  10. Follow trail to Quail Ridge Court
  11. Right on Quail Ridge Court
  12. Right on Quail Ridge Drive
  13. Left on Deer Forest Drive to trail head on right (where gas pipeline crosses Deer Forest)
  14. Follow this pipeline trail down the hill, across Wiehle Avenue, and up the hill on the other side to the intersection with a crossing pipeline
  15. Turn left and follow this pipeline trail to Pellow Circle (the first cross street, about 3/4 mile from Deer Forest Drive)
  16. Cross Pellow Circle and pick up the path along Wiehle Avenue (running towards the County Parkway) for about 1/4 mile to the green cable box
  17. Make a "U" turn and retrace your steps back to Deer Forest Drive
  18. Left onto Deer Forest Drive
  19. Right on Quail Ridge Drive
  20. Left on Quail Ridge Court
  21. Left on Reston Trail
  22. Follow trail back to Lake Newport Drive [passing the water stop again]
  23. Left on Lake Newport, crossing Reston Parkway with caution, to North Village Road
  24. Left on North Village Road
  25. Right on Center Harbor Road
  26. Right on Wiehle Avenue
  27. Right on path along Baron Cameron Avenue
  28. Right on Village Road into Lake Newport Tennis Courts parking lot


pipeline small.jpg

(click on map for larger view)


For those runners wishing to run something closer to a full 10 miles: As you enter the tennis courts parking lot, take the short trail to your left that leads around the tennis courts to North Village Road; turn right on the path along North Village Road; turn right on the trail between Regatta Lane and Newport Cove Lane; turn right at the next trail intersection and follow that trail back to the start

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