Hunters Woods Pool

Reston Pkwy across from Oslo Rd, or Steeplechase at its Deadend

10 Mile Run

Measured: 10 miles

View: Start Location  


  1. Leave the parking lot by moving away from Reston Pkwy, bearing right onto trail at far side of pool parking lot for
    about 200 feet
  2. Right at next trail intersection
  3. Right at third trail intersection (just beyond a wooden bridge) after crossing Colts Neck Road
  4. Cross Steeplechase Drive (via the steps or the large under-road culverts)
  5. Continue east on the trail (Glade Trail) as it crosses to the north (left) side of the stream bed
  6. Bear right at next trail intersection, crossing the stream bed again to its south side
  7. Continue on this trail keeping the stream bed to your left
  8. After crossing Soapstone Drive, turn left at second trail intersection and follow this trail until it emerges onto Twin Branches Road
  9. Left on Twin Branches to South Lakes Drive [water stop may be located half way up the Twin Branches hill--hot weather
  10. Cross South Lakes Drive at signal
  11. Left along grass shoulder of South Lakes Drive
  12. Continue on path across dam bearing left up to intersection of South Lakes Drive and Ridge Heights Road
  13. Right on Ridge Heights for almost 1/3 mile
  14. Left onto trail beside Terraset Elementary School for about 200 feet [Water stop may be located here -- cold weather only]
  15. Left at trail intersection near SE corner of school (down a steep hill) for about 1/4 mile
  16. Right at next trail intersection (below South Lakes HS track) for about 500 feet
  17. Left at the next trail intersection by raised manhole cover) for about 150 yards
  18. Follow trail under South Lakes Drive, bearing right toward Soapstone Drive for about 150 yards
  19. Left on path along Soapstone Drive for about 150 feet
  20. Right through the underpass beneath Soapstone
  21. Right at next trail intersection (a "T") after about 100 yards
  22. Right at next trail intersection, going downhill and crossing to the north side of the stream bed
  23. Follow trail, bearing left but staying on the north side of the stream bed until a "T" intersection
  24. Turn left at the "T", cross the stream bed via the wooden bridge and take an immediate right
  25. Continue under Colts Neck Road and Reston Parkway to the Southgate Pool & Recreation Area [water stop located here -- hot weather only]
  26. Continue on trail, to second right after passing behind Dogwood Elementary School (on your left)
  27. Right onto Cocquina Drive for about 2 blocks to its end
  28. Left on Glade Drive for about 1 mile
  29. Right on Freetown Drive
  30. Second right onto Freetown again (Freetown is a "lollipop-shaped" road and intersects with itself at this point)
  31. Right on Oslo Road
  32. Continue on Oslo for 1 block to Reston Parkway, cross the Parkway and enter the Hunters Woods Pool parking lot to finish


  • Except for water stop locations, this course is essentially identical with the course starting at Lake Audubon Pool. 
  • The parking area is accessible from either Steeplechase or Reston Parkway but it is blocked to prevent pass through.  If a large crowd is expected, you'll more likely find a parking space if you access the parking lot from Steeplechase instead of Reston Parkway.

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