Sunset Hills Park & Ride Trail Run

Trail Run: ~10 Miles with option for more

View: Start Location  


  1. Exit parking lot on Weihle side, cross Weihle onto W&OD for about 200 yards
  2. Turn left on Michael Faraday Ct.  At end (about 100 yards) enter the trail entry straight ahead.  It will quickly come out to a parking area and proceed straight ahead on the far side.
  3. Most of the trail has no options for turns.  The following is an attempt to identify the areas where there is an option:
  4. After crossing a small stream, there is a T.  Turn right up the hill
  5. There is one cross-trail and a sign.  Go straight on.
  6. After a steep downhill on a wide path, you come out into Lake Fairfax Pk,, Turn right and then immediately left.
  7. Cross Hunter Mill Rd.
  8. Cross Carpers Farm Way.  If you want extra miles, you can turn left, cross over Route 7 and turn right to get on the Difficult Run trail.  Go out-and-back as far as you wish for extra miles.
  9. Cross Browns Mill Rd (water will be available here).  Then cross the stream on rocks. 
  10. Straight on paved path for about ½ mile keeping an eye for the CCT dirt trail on the right.  Turn onto CCT.
  11. At a folk: keep right crossing a stream on a short bridge.
  12. At a folk:  keep right crossing the stream on cement pillars.
  13. About ½ mile after crossing the stream, be looking for CCT signs to turn left.
  14. Come out to a field and at the far end, cross bridge and turn left at T
  15. Turn right at T onto the dirt trail paralleling the W&OD.
  16. Follow W&OD back to the start – keeping on the unpaved parallel trail.
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