Reston Town Center

Fountain Square, Market Street, 1 Block West of Reston Parkway

10 Mile Run

Measured: 9.97 mile

View: Start Location  Street Map


  1. Exit Town Center by going west on Market St. and turning right on Library St.
  2. Turn left on New Dominion Dr. ("T" intersection) to bottom of hill
  3. Make a "U" turn at Town Center Pkwy., going around the traffic island, and head back up the hill to Reston Pkwy.
  4. Turn left on the sidewalk just before Reston Pkwy. to left on the next street (Bowman Town Drive)
  5. Proceed down the hill, passing the Library, turning right on Town Center Pkwy.
  6. Follow Town Center Pkwy. across Baron Cameron Ave. where it becomes Bennington Woods Rd.
  7. Follow Bennington Woods Rd. to left onto the Reston trail (just beyond Trails Edge Lane)
  8. At the end of the trail, turn right on Lake Newport Rd. (at Armstrong Elem. School) and follow it up the hill to left on the path along Reston Pkwy.
  9. Follow Reston Pkwy. to Route 7 where you will make a "U" turn and return to the intersection of Reston Pkwy. and Wiehle Ave. [Water stop will be located here.]
  10. Turn left (proceeding south) on Wiehle Ave., picking up the path along the right side on Wiehle as you approach Baron Cameron Ave.
  11. Follow the pathway to the right, paralleling Baron Cameron Ave., to left through the tunnel under Baron Cameron
  12. Follow the trail, marked with red arrows, to Inlet Court
  13. Follow Inlet Court toward Wiehle Ave., turning right on the path that crosses the Lake Anne dam and parallels Wiehle Ave.
  14. Turn right on North Shore Drive and proceed to left on Temporary Rd.
  15. Cross Reston Pkwy. proceeding down New Dominion Dr. to left on Library St.
  16. Left on Market St. to the start at Fountain Sq.

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