US Geological Survey

USGS Parking Lot D, South Lakes Drive between Pinecrest Road and Sunrise Valley Dr.

3 Mile Walk

Measured: 3.5 mile

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  1. From USGS, turn left onto South Lakes Drive.
  2. Right onto Pinecrest Road, crossing Pinecrest to stay on the sidewalk.
  3. Right onto Glade Drive.
  4. At Dogwood School turn left and cross Glade Drive to walk down Rosedown.
  5. At second Rosedown and Kings Lake intersection cross the street to continue on a sidewalk along Rosedown.
  6. At stop sign turn left onto Bedfordshire Circle.
  7. Cross street to continue along Archdale Circle which curves to the right and has no sidewalk.
  8. At the end of the cul de sac (do not go down private drive) cross the grass on the left and turn right on asphalt path. This is the Fairfax County Parkway Trail.
  9. Turn right on Sunrise Valley Drive.
  10. Turn right on Glade Drive.At the first intersection (the second Cocquina Drive sighting), cross Cocquina and cross Glade and bear right onto asphalt path, which soon curves left into the woods. Continue straight across first path intersection.
  11. Pass playground on left and continue straight over bridge #24.
  12. You will see the school through the trees on your right. Continue straight on asphalt path.
  13. Take stairs on left, just before tunnel under Pinecrest.
  14. Cross Captiva to turn left on Pinecrest.
  15. Turn left on South Lakes Drive back to USGS

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